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Regional NSW  A - I

Freeman's Journal 12 Feb 1876
Freeman's Journal 17 Nov 1894

The Shoalhaven News and South Coast Districts Advertiser.. 6 Jul 1918


Victoria, Australia
Hopetoun Cemetery
Courtesy of Xanthia Xtrail and Wayne Hill
CAIN Thomas
Co Galway, Ireland...
Accidentally died after falling into gravel pit  Mother Mary O’Donnell, father Patrick, wife Bridget
On the 31 st May, Mary, the beloved wife of John Dowling, resident of Bachus Marsh for the Iast 34 years, eldest daughter of the late D. Slattery, of Cunes House, sister of the Rev. T. Slattery, and niece of the late Bishop Slattery, of Tipperary, lreland. Home papers please copy. Image courtesy of Xanthia Xtrail

Born 1806? Dublin, Ireland
Died 13 Jun 1884
He loved his ancient faith and the land of his birth; ?Tried: 1819, Dublin, Trial Sentence: 7 years; Arrived per ship Bencoolen at Sydney 25 8 1819; TAS Arrived Admiral Cockburn 1819/09/16? Image courtesy of Xanthia Xtrail
Father Peter, Mother Margaret Mckay, wife Margaret 
SHEA Timothy
OBITUARY. MR TIMOTHY SHEA. Sincere regret will be felt by many old friends in this district when it is learned that the serious illness of Mr Timothy Shea, of Durham Hill, Three Mile Creek, to which we referred in a recent issue, has had a fatal termination. Mr Shea, who had reached the advanced age of 84 years, came in to Bewley Hospital recently for treatment, but he slowly failed, and passed away yester- day. The deceased gentleman was a very old and widely respected resident of the district, his life having been linked with Ararat since the days of the Canton Lead. He was a native of County Kerry, Ireland, and at the age of sixteen years he left the old land to seek his fortune in America. He was a blacksmith by trade, but soon after his arrival in America he got a position as a fireman on the railway between New York and Chicago. Attracted by the gold discoveries in Australia he came out here in 1857. Image courtesy of Xanthia Xtrail
SHEA Edmond
SHEA.—On the 4th Feb., at his late residence, Deep Creek, Bacchus Marsh, Edmond, dearly beloved husband of Honora Shea, aged 54 years. R.I.P. Image courtesy of Xanthia Xtrail
SHEA Edmond
Born 25 Aug 1854 at Laffan’s Folly, Co. Tipperary
Died 4 Feb 1909 aged 54
Father’s name, Martin, mother Julia Mary. Spouse Hanora 
SHEA Honora
SHEA -On September 21.1941 At Ballarat. Honora Shea. dearly beloved wife of the late Edmond Shea, and loving mother of Winifred, Martin Edmond (deceased) Honora, Stephen, May Hannah. Elizabeth, Thomas and Kathleen, aged 85 years ; -RIP LAST PERSON TO BE BURIED AT THIS CEMETERY Image courtesy of Xanthia Xtrail


Courtesy of Noelene Harris
The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central Western Districts, Barcaldine QLD 7th Feb 1893  



Pioneer Park
Metro NSW
Courtesy of Noelene Harris
SMH 4 Feb 1863

SMH  23 May 1868  


Regional NSW 
Catholic Cemetery
Courtesy of Kevin Banister
BYRNE Thomas  Constable
Camden Police
8 May, 1869 - 149 years ago
Resting Place – Camden Catholic Cemetery, Camden
Born c1840 County Wexford, Ireland
Died 08/05/1869
On Saturday 8 May, 1869 Constables Byrne and Beck launched the police boat on the flooded Cowpasture River near Camden. The mail coach from Campbelltown, waiting on the far side of the river, had been unable to cross. The two constables rowed across and collected the mail and a number of passengers before attempting to return. Nearing the bank of the river on the return journey, the boat suddenly overturned, casting the occupants into the water. Constable Byrne, unable to swim, weakened by rowing on the flooded river, and heavily clothed with a cape about his neck, sank beneath the surface and was drowned.
The Empire newspaper dated 11 May, 1869 informed its readers that “It is my melancholy duty to record the deaths by drowning, on last Saturday morning, of Mr. John Lakeman, of Camden, and Constable Byrnes [sic], while crossing the river in a boat with the mails from Sydney. It appears that there were five people in the boat, when by some accident, not yet explained, it overturned. The constable sank at once, and was seen no more; three of the party succeeded in reaching the shore, and Mr. Lakeman managed to get to a log or tree, where, it is said, he remained for more than an hour, when the people got a rope to him which he tied round himself, but sad to relate, in drawing him towards the land, the rope became fouled in a tree and broke, and the unfortunate gentleman perished close to the view of many of his friends, who were unable to offer the least assistance."
The constable was born in Ireland in 1841 and joined the New South Wales Police Force on 25 February, 1864. At the time of his death he was stationed at Camden. He is listed in the official New South Wales Police Honour Roll.
BYRNE Andrew  Constable
20 May, 1897
Constable Byrne is thought to have died from pneumonia caused by exposure to the elements during a lengthy bush patrol. No other details of the incident are known as yet. Prior to joining the New South Wales Police Force he spent six years in the Irish Constabulary.
The constable was born in 1857 and had joined the New South Wales Police Force on 5 July, 1882. At the time of his death he was probably stationed at Shepherdstown or Adelong, NSW. Death registered in the district of Adelong, NSW


Metro NSW
Daily Telegraph Sydney 19 Jul 1884
The Sydney Mail & New South Wales Advertiser 12 Jul 1884

x Gutenberg & Kevin Banister
Captain John Putland

Born c1781, Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland.

The below is taken from the Gutenberg site listing burials at Camperdown. 

“Putland's headstone, the oldest memorial stone in the cemetery, was transferred from St. Phillip's Church, when the present Church was built”

In February 1806, Mary and her father sailed from England aboard the transport Lady Madeline Sinclair, escorted by HMS Porpoise under the cantankerous Captain Short, with Lt. Putland as first officer. A disagreement between Bligh and Short as to who actually commanded the expedition came to a head when Bligh peremptorily ordered a change in course, provoking Short to order Lt Putland to fire warning shots ahead and astern of the ship bearing his wife, a command which, to his great distress, he was forced to carry out. When the convoy arrived in Sydney in August 1806, Bligh relieved Short of command and sent him back to England in disgrace.

His Excellency is pleased to appoint Lieutenant Putland, of the Royal Navy, to be his Aide de Camp, and a Magistrate throughout the Territory and its Dependencies. - General Order, Sydney, 13 August, 1806.

1808 – 4 January, Sydney: Lieutenant John Putland RN, Captain William Bligh’s aide-de-camp died of tuberculosis – consumption – on 4 January 1809. No ordinary naval officer John Putland was Bligh’s son-in-law, husband of Mary his daughter who accompanied her father to act as ‘Governor’s First Lady’.


MN00031, "Captain John Putland, 1781-1808, A.D.C. to Governor Bligh, married Bligh's daughter, Mary. Putland's headstone, the oldest memorial stone in Camperdown cemetery, was transferred from St. Phillip's Church, when the present Church was built."

[T. G. Rees on page 10 of his book, Historic Camperdown.

1806 – 6 August, Port Jackson: Governor William Bligh RN arrived at Sydney in August 1806 to replace Governor Phillip Gidley King RN. Whitehall had wrongly deemed his tenure a failure and ordered his recall. Bligh was accompanied by Mary Putland his daughter, wife of Lieutenant John Putland RN Bligh’s aide-de-camp who died from tuberculosis in mid January 1808 and was buried in the grounds of Government House.

The eldest daughter of Captain William Bligh, Mary Putland was married to Lieutenant John Putland, a naval officer and Captain Bligh’s Aide-de-Camp. She accompanied her father out to the colony in 1806 playing the role of hostess in place of Bligh’s wife, who refused to leave England. Described by a less-than-sympathetic observer as ‘rather pretty but conceited and extremely affected and proud’, Mary Putland helped redesign the Government House garden according to the latest style, employing up to ninety convict men to blow up and carry away the rocky outcrops in the Domain.

Frogmore (NSW)

Mrs. O'Connell's farm of 'Frogmore', (portion 109, parish of Londonderry), was a grant of 600 acres, on 1 January 1806, to Mrs. Mary Putland, daughter of Governor Bligh. She married Lieutenant-Colonel Maurice O'Connell on 8 May 1810 (after the death of her first husband Lieut. John Putland on 4 January 1808). The town of St. Mary's is built, in part, on this grant. The former widow Putland's hatred of Governor Bligh's enemies was the cause of unhappiness for Governor Macquarie. She stormed around the colony, evoking awe with her small, but breathtaking cleavage and diaphanous dresses, her twenty-two year old modesty concealed by lacy pantaloons. Finally, Governor Macquarie was rid of her. But she came back to haunt a future Governor, Sir George Gipps, with extravagant claims on land granted to her father.

Governor Bligh hearing that the previous Captain of HMS Porpoise was the subject of complaints, handed the command to Lieutenant John Putland in January1807. Bligh, previous to this was also the Captain of HMS Porpoise. The rest is history.

Another entry. Her husband John Putland died of tuberculosis on 4 January 1808. He was buried in the grounds of the Government House.

So, was he buried in St.Peters and moved to Camperdown? Was he buried in the grounds of the original Government House? 

Was Devonshire St originally part of the grounds of Government House?

Photos courtesy of Noelene Harris.

Courtesy of Kevin Banister
O’CONNOR  Thomas Dennis  Senior Constable
Born c1864 Galway, Ireland.
A couple of days prior to his death he arrested a very elderly Aboriginal for drunkenness in a case of mistaken identity. He thought that the person he arrested was of a particular name. However, the man he arrested was a well known local who was respected due to his age. Local residents roundly condemned the Constable over the arrest. It weighed heavily on his mind and was seen to by a doctor over 3 days to no avail. His death was ruled as suicide due to temporary insanity.
He was married in Grafton, NSW in 1891 and he left a wife, 7 daughters and 8 sons. (every child born just over 1 year apart, a couple 2 years apart) Last son born 2 years before he died.
He is buried in the Casino Cemetery, NSW. His wife Catherine (nee Darcy) died in 1957 at the ripe old age of 90. She was born in Grafton, NSW. Catherine's parents Thomas and Catherine were both born in Ireland and both died in Grafton, NSW.
Apple Tree Creek
Courtesy of Brian Bouchardt
Montague Baldwin Stringer
June 16, at Tassagh House, County Armagh, the wife of Charles A Stringer, of a son.
1879, 1880, 1881, 1882, 1883 and 1884 Queensland Electoral Rolls:
Electoral Roll Queensland Australia Division of wide Bay 1919 subdivision of Childers - #1948 - Montague Baldwin Stringer Wooroobala, North Isis, Childers. Farmer 
Montague Baldwin STRINGER, qualified by residence, Tahiti Cottage, Mt Bauple, Tiaro, Wide Bay
1913 Queensland Electoral Roll:
Montague Baldwin STRINGER, farmer, Bootharh, Childers
Elizabeth Mary STRINGER, home duties, Bootharh, Childers
Occupation : Sugar Planter
Arrival date: 28 Dec 1866 Brisbane on Ocean Empress.
son of Charles Augustus Kelly STRINGER (~ 1827 -1888) and Julia Shelden MULLIGAN (1822 -1892)
He married Elizabeth Mary COWEN (1872 -1931) daughter of Alexander COWEN (1840 -1916) and Maria Theresa KINEALY (1843 -1911) on 30 December 1896 in St Mary's Roman Catholic Church Warwick Qld
Montague and Elizabeth have 3 children: 
Kenneth Kelly STRINGER born on 6 June 1897 in Queensland 
Alexander Montague STRINGER, born on 3 June 1899 in Queensland died on 23 February 1966 in 7 Albion Street Woollahra aged 66. 
John Mason STRINGER born on 9 June 1909 in Bootharh, South Isis, Qld died on 11 November 1961 in Daw Park Repat Hospital South Australia , aged 52 .



BERESFORD Mark    Inspector
Full name ...Marcus De La Poer Beresford
Courtesy of State Library Qld
Lonely grave of Inspector Marcus De La Poer Beresford in Northwest Queensland .
Marcus de la Poer Beresford (his name was anglicised to Mark Beresford on joining the Queensland Police Force) was in charge of the Native Troopers in Cloncurry. On the 13 January 1883 Aboriginals fatally speared a local stockman on a property south of Cloncurry. Beresford and five Native Troopers left on patrol to capture the offenders. On the afternoon of the 23 January 1883 the patrol came across a group of Aboriginals camped on the banks of a creek. The party camped nearby. Just before day light the tribesman attacked the police party. Beresford received a spear to the right thigh and fatal blows to the head crushing his skull. The offenders were never brought to justice. Cadet Sub-Inspector Beresford is buried where he was murdered in the rough mountainous terrain in the Selwyn Ranges.(National Police Memorial Honour Roll)
Grave lies at the head of the Williams River where he [Mark Beresford] and most of his Native Troopers were attacked and killed by the legendary fierce Kalkadoon Tribesmen. (Post card verso) The grave is surrounded by an iron rope, with blue veined rocks piled on top of the site and a large wooden cross.  (SLQ)
Courtesy of Kevin Banister, thanks to Tracie Nana Reagan for sharing the photo from SLQ
Marcus Gervais De La Poer BERESFORD, born c1846 County Fermanagh, Ireland. His father was George Hamilton Le Poer Beresford Reverend, Rector of Knockbride, Cavan. In 1869 at Braidwood, NSW he married Elizabeth Ann SCOTT (1849-1941) Born Long Swamp, NSW, died Carcoar, NSW. The following from the Queensland Police Service "Prior to joining the Queensland Police, Beresford had been a member of the New South Wales Mounted Police. As a First Class Constable he was involved in the capture of the Hatfield bushrangers, Thomas Gorman, William Kaye, W. Hobbs and Charles Jones during February 1879 near Balranald, NSW.

Beresford and his fellow Police Officers rode 380 miles (over 600km) in just 56hrs to apprehend them. One of the Police Officers Powell, had been wounded as well.


Metro NSW
courtesy of Noelene Harris
The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate. Aug 1921
The Goulburn Evening Penny Post. 2 Aug 1921

United Church Cemetery, Dural NSW
Courtesy of Kevin Banister
The CUSBERTS (Cuthberts) of Dural.The CUSBERTS of Ireland. (CUTHBERTS
Born c1802 Wexford, Ireland. Died 8/5/1883. Buried Dural with his wife
Aleechia (aka Alicia) CUSBERT (nee WILLIAMS) 
Born c1813 Wicklow, Ireland. Died 30/4/1879. Buried Dural with her husband
Assisted immigrants who arrived in NSW aboard the ship Margaret in Mar 1841:
Cuthbert, Joseph, a native of Wexford Ireland, son of Harry Cuthbert a shoemaker and Betty is widow, a blacksmith age 39, Protestant, could read.
Cuthbert, Alicia, a native of Wicklow Ireland, daughter of James Williams a farmer and Rebecca his widow, a farm servant age 28, Protestant
Cuthbert, Catherine, brought out under the protection of her parents, a native of Castle McAdams, Wicklow, child's maid age 16 23 Feb 1841, could read, 
daughter of Joseph and Alice
Cuthbert, Henry, 14
Cuthbert, Stephen 5
Cuthbert, Rebecca, 11
Cuthbert, Jane 8
Note that the surnames given on the passenger list was 'Cuthbert'.
Catherine WADDELL (nee CUSBERT)
Born 23/5/1825 Wicklow, Ireland.
Died 15/6/1905. Buried Dural with her husband.
Catherine married William WADDELL 1849 at Sydney.
Born c1824 Tullycorbet, Ireland. Died 22/10/1918. Buried at Dural with his wife Catherine.
Born c1827, Ireland. Died 15/2/1895. Buried Dural with his wife Hannah. Mr. Henry Cusbert owned that well known property at the junction of the Dural and Kenthurst roads, known as the Round Corner, as well as the "Ironbarks" at Kenthurst which, by the will, is to be divided among the deceased's children. 
Born c1830, Ireland. Died 20/12/1870. Buried Dural with her husband Samuel.
Born c1835, Ireland. Died 1889. Buried Wallsend Hunter, NSW.
Born c1836 Wexford, Ireland. Died 27/7/1912. Buried Dural.
His wife Martha CUSBERT (nee LUKE) died 1924 at Rockdale, NSW. There is a 'Cuthbert' Ave at Kellyville. Their are apparently more CUSTBERTS buried at Dural.

FAGAN William
Courtesy of Noelene Harris
The Methodist, 21 Nov 1896


Courtesy of Noelene Harris
BYRNE Andrew
SMH 23 Apr 1863
The TRUTH SYDNEY   7 Apr 1901
The Truth, Sydney 7 Apr 1901

The Catholic Freemans Journal 3 Jun 1937

Sydney Morning Herald Sat. 2 June 1928
Windsor & Richmond Gazette 11 May 1928
Windsor & Richmond Gazette 8 Jun 1928


COOKE  Digby Arthur
Courtesy of Noelene Harris
The Daily Telegraph NSW 22 Jan 1910


Courtesy of Kay Clarke
Richard Morrison (1797 - 1850)               Ann Kelly (Morrison) (1807 - 1873)
Richard Morrison
Richard Morrison was born on 1st September 1797 in Rathmolyon in County Meath Ireland. 
Richard Morrison died on 19th August 1850 aged 52 years in Geelong Victoria and is buried in the Geelong Eastern Cemetery Church of England Section.
Ann Kelly
Ann Kelly was born in 1807 in Kings County Ireland.
Ann died on the 18th of May 1873 aged 66 years in Carpendeit Victoria and is buried in the Geelong Eastern Cemetery Church of England Section.
Richard Morrison married Ann Kelly in 1825 in County Meath Ireland.  
Catherine b. February 8th 1827 in Kilmore Rathmolyon County Meath Ireland d. 1890 aged 60 years North Melbourne Victoria.
William b. 27th September 1828 in Coragh County Meath Ireland m. Harriet Osborne 28th April 1868 Colac Victoria d. 11th September 1911 aged 76 in Elliminyt Victoria, burial Colac Cemetery.
Maria b. June 4th 1831 in Coragh County Meath Ireland d. date and place unknown.
Ann b. 18th June 1833 County Meath Ireland d. April 1850 aged 13 years. Ann died at sea on the voyage to Australia. Ann's death is commemorated on the Morrison tombstone in Geelong Eastern Cemetery. 
Peter b. May 3rd 1835 in Coragh Rathmolyon County Meath Ireland m. Elizabeth Sides 1868 
d. 2nd February 1919 aged 81 in Geelong Victoria, burial Colac Cemetery.
Elizabeth b. 1840 County Meath Ireland m. Allan Candelet Nixon 17th June 1861 Christ Church, Church of England, Geelong Victoria d. 1st May 1903 aged 63 Shepparton Victoria. Elizabeth is buried with a separate gravestone next to the Morrison tombstone in Geelong Eastern Cemetery.
Jane b. 1841 County Meath Ireland d. 27th August 1844 aged 3 in Ireland. Jane's death is commemorated on the Morrison tombstone in the Geelong Eastern Cemetery.
Susan b. February 27th 1842 in Coolderry County Meath Ireland m. John Redding 15 December 1868 Geelong Victoria d. 24th July 1926 aged 86 years in St. Kilda Melbourne, burial Brighton Cemetery Melbourne Victoria.
Elenor b. 20th February 1845 in Coolderry County Meath Ireland d. 16th July 1850 in Geelong Victoria aged 5 years. She is buried in Geelong Eastern Cemetery.
Richard b. 6 th May 1849 in Coolderry County Meath Ireland m. Jane Smith 14th February 1877 
d. 17th July 1935 aged 86 at "Dumfries" Queen Street, Colac, burial Colac Cemetery. 
Arrival in Australia - Shiplist of the Bussorah Merchant
List of Immigrants per ship Bussorah Merchant. Arrived on the 26th of June 1850:
Richard aged 62 farm labourer; Ann wife aged 45; Catherine aged 22 housemaid daughter; William aged 21 farm labourer son; Maria aged aged 18 housemaid daughter; Peter aged 14 farm labourer;
Elizabeth aged 12 daughter; Susan aged 7 daughter; Ellen aged 4 daughter; Richard aged 1 son
All were of the Church of England religion. All could read and write except Susan aged 7 who could only read, and Ellen aged 4 and Richard aged 1 who could do neither.
 Bussorah Merchant Journey 
"The Bussorah Merchant was detained seventeen days at Cowes from bad weather. Her journey as far as the Cape of Good Hope was favourable but detention has occurred from the very tempestuous weather she experienced off the Coast from Cape Leuwin; during the worst of the bad weather she carried away her foreyard, and stove one of the quarter boats, and almost every sail in the ship has been blown into shreds. Her immigrants are principally Irish and consist of seventy one males, ninety eight females and seventy one children. Nine adults and seven young children died on the passage and there are eight cases of sickness now on board but not of an infectious character."
(The Argus Melbourne Saturday 29th June 1850)
The surgeon - superintendent was negligent in his medical duties and the room set aside for a hospital was not opened for the entire voyage. Passengers who fell ill were not separated from those who remained healthy. Nine adults passengers and seven young children died on the voyage. 
Ann, daughter of Richard and Ann, was amongst those who died of "fever." She would have been buried at sea.
An inquiry into events on board was conducted by the Acting Immigration Agent at Geelong. (Book: "Perilous Voyages to the New Land" by Michael Cannon)
The Bussorah Merchant left Plymouth with 240 emigrants on board. Geelong Shipping:
"List of immigrants by the Bussorah Merchant with their trades and callings, who will be open for engagement on board the vessel. Shepherds, agricultural servants, carpenters, wheelwrights, gardeners, grooms, schoolmasters, lady's maids, nursemaids, housekeepers, cooks and farm servants. (Signed) E. A. Addis, Acting Emigration Agent." (The Melbourne Daily News Monday 1st July 1850)
Bussorah Merchant Disposal List of Immigrants
"Ship Bussorah Merchant Disposal List of the Immigrants for the ship June 26th 1850 having departed from Plymouth February 3rd 1850. Bussorah Merchant which arrived at Point Henry Geelong (144 days on the Voyage.)"
The immigrants were kept on board the ship,which had arrived in port on the 26th of June, so were quarantined until being admitted to the Depot at Port Henry on the 13th of July. 
From the Depot they were engaged to work. 
"Richard aged 53 farm labourer - Richard Died at the Depot 19th August   1850; Ann wife aged  45 housekeeper; Catherine daughter aged 22 name and residence of employer Clarke Chilwell; Maria daughter aged 18 name and residence of employer Mrs. Forrest Ryrie Street Geelong; William son aged 21 name and residence of employer Archie Macarthur Geelong; Peter son aged 14 name and residence of employer Andrew Johns Geelong; Elizabeth daughter aged 13; Susan daughter aged 7; Ellen  (Elenor) daughter aged 4 Died at the Depot 16th July; Richard son aged 1." 
Ann Kelly (Morrison) in Geelong and Carpendeit
Ann Kelly acquired a piece of land, three allotments in Pakington Street and a cottage in Clarendon Street Geelong. She opened a shop in Pakington Street and traded in materials, haberdashery and clothing items. In 1862 land was made available for lease around Colac and Ann and her three sons moved to the Colac area. Ann and her son Peter, leased land at Carpendeit where he was the storekeeper and postmaster.
Morrison Graves - Geelong Eastern Cemetery 
Grave 171 Location EAS-COE-OLD-B-807-171 Section C of E Row OLD
The Tombstone reads: 
Sacred to the Memory of 
Richard Morrison Who died August 30th 1850 
Also Ann His Beloved Wife Who died May 18th 1873
And Their Beloved Children 
Jane Who died August 27th 1844 
Ann Who died April 6th 1850 
Elenor Who died August 15th 1850   

In 1903 Elizabeth Morrison (Nixon) was buried next to her parents and three siblings in the Geelong Eastern Cemetery. The inscription on the separate gravestone reads: 
Elizabeth Nixon 
Beloved wife  of Allan Caudelett Nixon 
Who Died in Shepparton
29th April 1903 aged 63 years
A devoted wife and mother



Mortis Street

SEERY Bridget
Information from Felicity Bent
"Bridget, wife of Michael Seery, who died March 22nd 1873, aged 65 years". Buried on 24 March in the Catholic section of the Old Goulburn Cemetery in Mortis Street, Goulburn. Bridget (nee Daly) was my 3 x great-grandmother and was born about 1808 in King's County (now County Offaly), Ireland. Bridget was not a convict herself but followed her convict husband to New South Wales, along with their daughter, Winifred, who was four years old when they arrived. Michael arrived in 1833 and Bridget and Winifred arrived in 1835 aboard the 'Duchess of Northumberland'. I've learnt that it was very difficult for women to obtain a passage to NSW to join their convict husbands and I'm currently searching for more information about Bridget's petition. Bridget worked for Francis McArthur at his property, 'Norwood', near Goulburn where her husband was an assigned servant. They later had a small farm in the Grabben Gullen area. The couple had seven further children together.


courtesy Michelle Wheeler
Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1878 - 1954), Friday 10 April 1908, page 4
After a service of forty-one years with the firm of Messrs. Archer Brothers, Mr James Armstrong has resigned his position of manager of the Matcham farm and dairy of the firm. Mr Armstrong entered the employment of the Messrs. Archer on the 7th April, 1867, and he will retire on the 11th of April, 1908, his full service being thus forty-one years and four days. Mr Armstrong has been a notable farmer and dairyman in this district. In 1882 he built the first silo in Queensland and since then he has made many thousand tons ensilage. He has had charge of Matcham farm for twenty-eight years, and for the last eighteen years he has worked with great success the Matcham dairy factory and dairy herd. Messrs. Archer Brothers presented Mr. Armstrong on his resignation with a gold watch carrying an inscription expressing their esteem for his long and faithful services. Mr. Armstrong will in future reside on the dairy farm of his son James at Midgee Creek. Several of Mr Armstrong's sons are in the service of Messrs. Archer Brothers.
James and his wife (Mary Cochrane) were married in Cavan Ireland 4 days before sailing to Kepell Bay Queensland in 1864. His two sisters Anne and Jane also came to Qld. And his brother, wife and their 8 children who came over the year before.



DUNLEA Patrick
The Argus, Melbourne 2nd Jul 1870  

Border Watch Mt. Gambier (S.A.) 9 Jul 1870 
Launceston Examiner 28 Jul 1870
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Regional NSW

BREEN Thomas
 With thanks to Marie Hobson
The grave is of Gunnedah’s first municipal Mayor, Thomas Breen in the Hunter Street cemetery (Gunnedah became a municipality in September 1885).
It has beensadly neglected over the years and there is nothing on the inscription to indicate that he held this prestigious position. The Rotary Club of Gunnedah West has plans to restore the grave and install a plaque to the effect that he was our inaugural mayor. Unfortunately COVID-19 has placed the plans on hold temporarily.
Thomas Breen came from Ireland and was licensee of Gunnedah's Imperial Hotel in 1878. He married Mary Emily Doohan and they raised six children.
He was elected mayor at the first meeting of the Gunnedah Municipal Council in November 1885. he must have been a feisty character as he was turfed out of the Mayor's position three months later, a few months later he was involved in a scuffle at a council meeting. He was only 48 when he died on June 10, 1887.
His wife ran the hotel until 1895 but left the district soon after the death of her son Arthur from consumption. Another son Sylvester died from epilepsy in 1902. Emily died in 1938 at the age of 89. Tough times for women back then.
Gunnedah is 500km north west of Sydney and 80km west of Tamworth NSW.


regional NSW
MOYSTN James Charles
Courtesy of Noelene Harris
NSW Govt Gazette 29 Jun 1880


Courtesy Gail Christopher
Nepean Times Penrith 25 Nov 1916



regional NSW
"My 3 x Great Grandfather Eugene Owen Drady, from Lyndhurst Cemetery NSW.
Arrived here as a convict on the ship "Clyde" in 1832 a former member of the 10th Regiment (The Holy Boys) & part of the Spanish Expedition with General De Lacy-Evans."
Courtesy Wayne Birmingham


Clippings courtesy of Noelene Harris
The Capricornian Rockhampton 17 May 1902

The Daily Northern Argus 9 Sep 1896

TESKEY Francis


(Devonshire Street)
Courtesy of Kevin Banister & Wayne Hill
From Kevin... can you add anything to this story? 
No headstone photo available.

A bit of a story of an ancestor of mine Arthur DEVLIN. Looking for any further info that those here might be able to find.
Born c1778 Crone, Redcross, County of Wicklow, Ireland.
Arthur had been exiled from Ireland in 1805 aged 27 when he arrived, together with Michael Dwyer, leader of the Wicklow Outlaws and the other members, Martin Burke, John Mernagh and Hugh Vesty Byrne.
To be sure, they had been given an option: “accept exile to Botany Bay or be brought to trial”. Given their armed opposition to British rule they knew that the outcome of a trial would be death by hanging. They arrived at Port Jackson on 15 February 1806 and shortly thereafter presented themselves to the Governor, Philip Gidley King, bearing a letter from the Chief Secretary, A Marsden, Dublin Castle, dated 17 August 1805. 
It read, “The Lord Lieutenant of Ireland has this day signed a Warrant for transmitting one hundred and thirty men and thirty six women now embarked on board the ‘Tellicherry’ in Cork Harbour for New South Wales. Among the number are five men – Michael Dwyer, John Mernagh, Hugh Byrne, Martin Burke and Arthur Devlin who were engaged in treasonable practices here and who have requested to be allowed to banish themselves for life to New South Wales to avoid being brought to trial; and as it has been deemed expedient to make such a compromise with them, they are sent there. Not having been convicted they claim the advantage of this distinction, the effect of which is not, however, to prevent their being subjected to all the laws of the Settlement. And that any further indulgence is to be earned by their behaviour, of which there has been no reason to complain during the time of their confinement here.”
15/2/1806. Arrived Port Jackson aboard ‘Tellicherry’ (as per above)
2/4/1806. Married Pricilla DEVLIN (nee SQUIRE) at Parramatta, NSW. Pricilla is a daughter of James and Elizabeth SQUIRE (nee MASON). James SQUIRE, arrived ‘Charlotte’, First Fleet. District Constable of “The Kissing Point’ and the first brewer of beer in the Colony on his property at ‘Kissing Point’.
Pricilla DEVLIN (nee SQUIRE) born Sydney, 1792. Died Ryde, 1862. Believed she may be buried in The Field of Mars, North Ryde 
14/11/1820. Arthur DEVLIN died in Sydney aged 42, believed buried ‘Old Sydney Burial Ground’ (Devonshire Street?) Not known if he/his headstone – if he had one-- were removed to Botany

Kevin Banister
 The 5 rebels were each granted 100 acres of land around what was then called Cabramatta Creek (still there) in 1809 by the then Governor. More Irish convicts/settlers gained land in the area to the point it was called 'Irishtown'. These Irish land holdings expanded into what is now know as Mt. Pritchard. There is now a park called 'Ireland Park' beside the Cabramatta Creek.

Just as a side note Mr Michael DWYER became a Chief Constable and District Constable.
Part 2.
From Wayne Hill

This is the information available from Biographical Database of Australia website.
These include all type of things.
Biographical report for Arthur DEVELIN
Person ID: B#10012110201
Birth: circa 1780
Arrival: 1806 NSW per Tellicherry (Convict)

Date Group Biographical record Source
1805 Aug 
Letter Dated: 1805, Aug 17; Arthur Develin, Ship: Tellicherry, Year: 1806, Convict, Trade or Calling: Convict; Original Remarks: On list of convicts embarked on board the "Tellicherry". [Biog Item No. 140039733]

Colonial Secretary's Papers Index 1788-1825ABOUT
1806 Feb 
Arthur Develin, Aged: 26 years at Dublin County [DUB IRL], Sentence: Life, Arrived per Tellicherry 15 Feb 1806, at Sydney [NSW]; Certificate issued: Conditional Pardon number 60 [Biog Item No. 100121102]

Convict Indents & Ship Musters, 1788-1812ABOUT
1806 Feb 
Letter Dated: 1806, Feb 22; Arthur Develin, Ship: Tellicherry, Year: 1806, Original Remarks: King to Marsden re transportation of Develin and his four companions without conviction; and their status in the Colony. [Biog Item No. 140039734]

Colonial Secretary's Papers Index 1788-1825ABOUT
1806 Aug 
Arthur Devlin; Arrived per Tellicherry, Status: SP (?Special Pardon); Occupation/Residence &c: Settler, Grant 100 acres [Biog Item No. 110111167]

Census &c: NSW General Muster 1806ABOUT
1806 Aug 
Arthur Devlin; Grant [NSW AUS]; Total: 100 acres, 100 acres pasture; On/off stores: 1 Proprietor on, 1 woman off, 1 convict on [Biog Item No. 115010405]

Land & Stock: NSW Land & Stock Muster 1806ABOUT
1809 May 
Letter Dated: 1809, May; Arthur Develin, Ship: Tellicherry, Year: 1806, Original Remarks: On list of all grants and leases of land registered in the Colonial Secretary's Office. [Biog Item No. 140039735]

Colonial Secretary's Papers Index 1788-1825ABOUT
1810 Jan 
Letter Dated: 1810, Jan 29; Arthur Develin, Ship: Tellicherry, Year: 1806, Original Remarks: Memorial. [Biog Item No. 140039736]

Colonial Secretary's Papers Index 1788-1825ABOUT
1810 Feb 
Letter Dated: 1810, Feb 12; Arthur Develin, Ship: Tellicherry, Year: 1806, Original Remarks: Petition for mitigation of sentence. [Biog Item No. 140039737]

Colonial Secretary's Papers Index 1788-1825ABOUT
1811 Feb 
Arthur Devlyn; Convicted: 1805 Wicklow [WIC IRL]; Arrived per Tellicherry, Status: Convict; Occupation/Residence &c, NSW [NSW AUS] [Biog Item No. 110211291]

Census &c: NSW General Muster 1811 (SRNSW copy)ABOUT
1811 Feb 
Arthur Develin; Convicted: 1805 Wicklow [WIC IRL]; Arrived per Tellicherry, Status: Convict; Occupation/Residence &c, NSW [NSW AUS] [Biog Item No. 110220897]

Census &c: NSW General Muster 1811 (TNA copy)ABOUT
1811 Feb 
Arthur Davelin, son of Arthur Davelin & Pricilla Davelin; Born 15 Feb 1811, Baptised 30 Jul 1812, by [Rev] Samuel Marsden, Registered at St John's Church of England Parramatta, Cumberland [NSW AUS]; Additional Information: Registered 25 Jul 1812 [Biog Item No. 300110776]

Church Register: NSW Parramatta St John CE BaptismABOUT
1811 Mar 
Letter Dated: 1811, Mar 6; Arthur Develin, Ship: Tellicherry, Year: 1806, Original Remarks: Received beer licence in Feb 1811. [Biog Item No. 140039738]

Colonial Secretary's Papers Index 1788-1825ABOUT
1813 Jul 
Letter Dated: 1813, Jul 1; Arthur Develin, Ship: Tellicherry, Year: 1806, NSW AUS; Original Remarks: Subscribed to fund for building a court house at Sydney. [Biog Item No. 140039739]

Colonial Secretary's Papers Index 1788-1825ABOUT
1813 Oct 
Mary Develyn, daughter of Arthur Develyn & Priscilla Develyn; Born 11 Oct 1813, Baptised 16 Feb 1817, by John Youl, Registered at St Luke's Church of England Liverpool, [NSW AUS]; Additional Information: Registered by J Keeves [Biog Item No. 300210050]

Church Register: NSW Liverpool St Luke CE BaptismABOUT
1814 Nov 
Arthur Develin; Arrived per Tellicherry, Status: F (Free); Occupation/Residence &c: Landholder, Mustered at Liverpool [NSW AUS]; Victualling: Off Stores [Biog Item No. 110313539]

Census &c: NSW General Muster 1814ABOUT
1814 Nov 
Priscilla Develin, Arrival status: Born here, Status: F (Free); Occupation/Residence &c, Mustered at Liverpool [NSW AUS], Wife to Arthur Develin; Victualling: Off Stores, Children, 3 children off stores [Biog Item No. 110313702]

Census &c: NSW General Muster 1814ABOUT
1814 Nov 
John Hyde; Arrived per Three Bees, Status: C (Convict); Occupation/Residence &c, Mustered at Liverpool [NSW AUS], [Assigned] to Arthur Develin; Victualling: Off Stores [Biog Item No. 110314085]

Census &c: NSW General Muster 1814ABOUT
1815 Dec 
Patrick Develyn, son of Arthur Develyn & Priscilla Develyn; Born 4 Dec 1815, Baptised 16 Feb 1817, by John Youl, Registered at St Luke's Church of England Liverpool, [NSW AUS]; Additional Information: Registered by J Keeves [Biog Item No. 300210049]

Church Register: NSW Liverpool St Luke CE BaptismABOUT
1816 Jun 
Letter Dated: 1816, Jun 22; Arthur Develin, Ship: Tellicherry, Year: 1806, Original Remarks: On lists of persons to be issued with horned cattle from the Government Herds. [Biog Item No. 140039740]

Colonial Secretary's Papers Index 1788-1825ABOUT
1816 Aug 
Letter Dated: 1816, Aug 10; Arthur Develin, Ship: Tellicherry, Year: 1806, Original Remarks: On return of horned cattle issued from the Government Herds between 8 May 1814 and 9 Jan 1819. [Biog Item No. 140039741]

Colonial Secretary's Papers Index 1788-1825ABOUT
1817 Oct 
Ann Devlin, [child of] Arthur Devlin, Farmer & Priscilla Devlin; Abode: Field of Mars [NSW AUS]; Born 18 Oct 1817, Baptised 2 Dec 1827, by Charles P N Wilton, Registered at St Anne's Church of England Ryde (Field of Mars), [NSW AUS] [Biog Item No. 301510011]

Church Register: NSW Ryde St Anne CE BaptismABOUT
1819 Jan 
Letter Dated: 1819, Jan 9; Arthur Develin, Ship: Tellicherry, Year: 1806, Original Remarks: On list of persons indebted for cattle received from the Government Herds between 8 May 1814 & 9 Jan 1819. [Biog Item No. 140039742]

Colonial Secretary's Papers Index 1788-1825ABOUT
1819 Apr 
Letter Dated: 1819, Apr 30; Arthur Develin, Ship: Tellicherry, Year: 1806, Original Remarks: On return of persons indebted to Government for cattle issued from the Government Herds, to be paid for in cash or grain. [Biog Item No. 140039743]

Colonial Secretary's Papers Index 1788-1825ABOUT
1819 Oct 
Martha, daughter of Arthur Devlin, Priscilla; Born 19 Oct 1819 Liverpool [NSW AUS], Baptised 9 Jan 1825, Registered at St Philip's Church of England Sydney, Cumberland [NSW AUS] [Biog Item No. 300014794]

Church Register: NSW Sydney St Philip CE BaptismABOUT
1820 Nov 
Letter Dated: 1820, Nov 22-Dec 14; Arthur Develin, Ship: Tellicherry, Year: 1806, Original Remarks: Charles Stevens convicted by Court of Criminal Jurisdiction of aiding Devlin in killing cattle of G Johnston. [Biog Item No. 140039744]

Colonial Secretary's Papers Index 1788-1825ABOUT
1822 Apr 
Letter Dated: 1822, Apr 15, May; Arthur Develin, Ship: Tellicherry, Year: 1806, Original Remarks: On lists of persons indebted to the Crown for livestock issued from the Government Herds and Flocks. [Biog Item No. 140039745]
Colonial Secretary's Papers Index 1788-1825

Priscilla Develin
Biographical report for Priscilla DEVLIN
Person ID: L#11021152401
Birth: circa 1801 AUS
Arrival: (Born in the Colony)

Date Group Biographical record Source
1811 Feb 
Priscilla Devilyn, Arrival status: Born in Colony, Status: Free; Occupation/Residence &c, NSW [NSW AUS]; Additional Information: Born in Colony [Biog Item No. 110225279]

Census &c: NSW General Muster 1811 (TNA copy)ABOUT
1811 Feb 
Priscilla Devlin [or Priscilla Davelyn], Arrival status: Born in Colony, Status: Free; Occupation/Residence &c, NSW [NSW AUS]; Additional Information: Born in Colony; Editor's Remarks: Surname "Davelyn" crossed out [Biog Item No. 110211524]

Census &c: NSW General Muster 1811 (SRNSW copy)ABOUT
1814 Nov 
Priscilla Develin, Arrival status: Born here, Status: F (Free); Occupation/Residence &c, Mustered at Liverpool [NSW AUS], Wife to Arthur Develin; Victualling: Off Stores, Children, 3 children off stores [Biog Item No. 110313702]

Census &c: NSW General Muster 1814ABOUT
1821 Dec 
Thomas Small, aged 22, Bachelor, Abode: Sydney [NSW AUS], Farmer, Signed X; & Priscilla Davlin, aged 20, Spinster, Abode: Sydney [NSW AUS], Signed X; married 17 Dec 1821 Church [NSW AUS], registered St Philips Church of England Sydney [NSW AUS] by Banns by William Cowper; Witness: James Squire, Signed; Witness: Elizabeth O'Donal, Signed [Biog Item No. 300031239]

Church Register: NSW Sydney St Philip CE MarriageABOUT

x Wayne Hill
Denis O’Brien born Clogheen, Co Tipperary
Death 21 Nov 1831
Executed -dissected at the hospital
Interred Devonshire Street
associated URLs
Denis O'Brien, Aged: 25 years Born: Clogheen [TIP IRL]; Ploughman, Jul 1823, at Clonmel [TIP IRL], Sentence: Life, Embarked from: Ireland; Arrived per Ann & Amelia Arrival status: Convict 02 Jan 1825, at Sydney [NSW]; [Assigned to] Happell [?], Hanged for the murder of Mr Payne, of Bathurst [NSW AUS]; Died: 21 Nov 1831, at Sydney [NSW AUS]; Cause of death: Hanged for murder;

x Wayne Hill

(Camperdown). This business was established by Mr. Enoch Fowler in 1837. He was a native of County Tyrone, Ireland, arrived in the colony shortly before establishing the work, and died in 1879, since which time his son (Mr. Robert Fowler), who was born in Sydney in 1840, has carried on the business. It is the largest of the kind in the colony. The buildings cover about three acre of land, but the property amounts in all to about fourteen acres. The number of hands employed exceeds 100, and three steam engines are kept steadily at work, besides a great quantity of expensive machinery. Mr. Robert Fowler, besides being actively occupied in the control of such an extensive business, has devoted much time to public duties during the past seventeen years, giving a deal of thought and valuable attention to municipal matters. He was mayor of Camperdown in 1870, '71, and '72. In 1872 he was elected an alderman of Denison Ward, in the city of Sydney, and continued to hold that office till December of 1884, when, on the point of being returned unopposed, he retired. In 1880 he was elected mayor of the city, and filled that position with so much credit to himself and satisfaction to the public that he was sure to be re-elected had he not refused again to accept the honour. Since 1884 Mr. Fowler has devoted himself closely to business, and now reaps the reward that invariably follows industry, energy, and ability.
Source. Book: Aldine Centennial History of NSW 1888

 FOWLER. --April 20, at his residence, Australia-street, Camperdown, Enoch Fowler, aged 72 years. THE FRIENDS of the late Mr. ENOCH FOWLER are respectfully informed that his Funeral will move from his late residence, Australia Street, Camperdown THIS (Tuesday) AFTERNOON, at 3 o clock. J. and G. SHYING and CO., 719, George Street. Enoch Fowler, arrived per Adam Lodge 13 Jul 1837 Sydney as Passenger, Potter, Protestant, Education: Both, Age: 26; [Native place] Tyrone
c 1807 born  Buried Camperdown   Spouse Jane

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St Patrick's Catholic Cemetery 
Nth Parramatta

Courtesy of Noelene Harris
HEAVEY Patrick
SMH 5 May 1881

NSW Govt Gazette 17 May 1881
SMH 24 Aug 1881

Daily Telegraph Sydney  3 Jul 1916

JORDAN Michael
Courtesy of Noelene Harris
The Catholic Press, Sydney, 27 Nov 1897

MARA William
In part from The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate....July 1908


Western Australia

Daily Telegraph and North Murchison and Pilbarra Gazette (WA : 1920 - 1947), Friday 5 February 1926, page 4

Peak Hill Prattle.
Our first death at Peak Hill since March, 1923, occurred on 31st January, when Peter Purcell, late number 5457, 11th. Battalion,
3rd Brigade, A.I.F., died suddenly from heat apoplexy. Deceased passed .a way so quietly that brothers were scarcely aware of the crisis. Peter was a very quiet man, and much esteemed by us afl. Sympathy for his brothers, Ned and Paddy was fejt ¥by everyone The funeral, under direction of D. Campbell and Co., Meekatharra, took place next morning. Five motor cars with' about 30 residents formed the cortege. The Peak Hill ladies sent 5 impromptu wreaths of immortellis and green foliage. Deceased was a native of Kilkenny, Ireland, and was aged about 50 years. Mr. W. Stalley read the burial service.

Upper Picton Cemetery, NSW
Catholic Section
Courtesy of Marlane Fairfax
Freemans Journal 27 March 1875
Freeman's Journal 12 Aug 1882

Goulburn Herald 12 Aug 1882


Metro NSW
St. Bartholomew's
Courtesy of friends of St. Bartholomew's

ARCHDALL  Charles Rev.
16. 9. 1808 Charles was born, son of the Rector of Clonbeg, Ireland. 
His father was Henry Archdall and his mother Annie.
Rev Charles officiated for 6 months at St Bartholomew’s, Prospect, N.S.W. during the absence of the incumbent, Rev Thomas Donkin. 
Rev. Charles Archdall was subsequently the Incumbent at Appin, he later returned to Seven Hills.
1875 Sands Directory Rev. Charles Archdall, Clarke Street, Hunters Hill.
8. 2. 1879 Rev. Charles Archdall died at Bella Vista, Seven Hills, aged 74.
He was buried 10.2.1879 at St Bartholomew’s Cemetery, Prospect, N.S.W
The funeral was conducted by Rev John D. Langley (later second Bishop at Bendigo).
1 A Delectable Parish William Freame

KNOX William Rev.
Reverend Knox was born 1856 at Florence Court, Enniskillen, Ireland.
He was ordained in 1881 by the Bishop of Killmore.
In Ireland he worked as Curate at Killasnett, curate and rector of Killeshir, and was associated with St. Thomas’ Church, Dublin.
Reverend Knox married Marie May Stuart Adams.
In 1908 the family moved to Sydney, Australia.
He was initially appointed assistant priest at St Johns.
He was later founding Rector of the Anglican Church, Westmead.
The family lived at Killeshir, Westmead.
1908 he was acting Rector at St Mary Magdalene.
Reverend Knox died 25 December, 1916 at age 60 years at Killeshir, Westmead and was buried at St Bartholomew’s after a service at St John’s, Parramatta.
There is a memorial stone to Reverend William Knox in the St John’s Cathedral.
Marie Stuart Dennis died 12 January, 1947 at 83 and is buried at Bartholomew’s, with her first husband.
Two of Rev. Knox’s son’s names are recorded on the WW1 Memorial Arch at St Johns Cathedral.
Charles William, 2nd son, 29th Batt, killed Ypres 26.9.1917 age 22.
Arthur Stuart, eldest son, late 12th Light Horse died at Griffith, 18.2.1925, age 33 and is buried at St Bartholomew’s.
Eric Douglas John, youngest son, died 27.8.1918 at 17, and is buried at St Bartholomew’s. 
FOSB: Collection.

CUSACK  Arthur and Georgiana 
Arthur was born in Dublin on 5 August, 1858, son of Samuel and Georgiana. Arthur died 1 October, 1883 at Seven Hills at age 25. 
Georgiana was born in New Zealand  in 1862, daughter of Samuel and 
In 1882  Georgiana signed a petition to retain the public school at Seven Hills
Georgiana died 22 December 1890.
Sydney Morning Herald, 24 December, 1890:

‘Dec 22, at Laragh, Lavender Bay, Georgiana Frances, eldest surviving daughter of the late Samuel Athanasius Cusack, FRCSI, late of New Zealand and Dublin’.

Two daughters of Samuel Cusack, Edith and Aline, became very well known artists.

George Graham was born 6.8.1843 in Drumgowan, Donega,l Ireland, son of John Graham and Jane Clark.   George married Matilda Leitch in Ireland.
Shipping record for the Loch Garry 26. 8. 1879 Greenock to Melbourne
Matilda born 1847 from Ireland   George born 1845 from Ireland  
Mary W R K born 1871    John born 1873  Maggie born 1874  Georgina born 1876  Robert born 1878
1879 the family arrived in Melbourne and moved to Bemboka where George managed a farm.
1896 Matilda died as a result of an accident
5.12.1900 at Petersham George married Ethel Rebecca Simons. Ethel was born 1873 in Sydney, daughter of George Downing Simons and Elizabeth Donald. The marriage took place at the residence of the bride’s father, Wodonga, Railway Terrace, Petersham.
The family lived in Bemboka and later at Blacktown.    1901 census George Graham of Campbell Lane, Prospect.
17.7.1924 George died at his residence in Lancelot Street.,Blacktown at age 81and was buried at St Bartholomew’s Cemetery, Prospect, N.S.W.

Shipping record for the Helen 1841
James Horan 27, house servant, son of John and Catherine Horan, born Tipperary, paid £19. Bought out by Gilchrist Alexander. 
Mary Horan 19, house servant, born Kingsgate, Cork.  Daughter of Margaret Keith, paid £19.
25. 5. 1844 Mary died at Prospect, age 23, and was buried 27 May 1844 at St Bartholomew’s Cemetery, Prospect, N.S.W.  Daughter Sarah died 10. 1. 1844 age 5 months

LUSK Thomas and Sarah Margaret
Thomas was born 1867 at Belfast, the son of William Lusk and Mary Jane Comnock.
19.1.1899 Thomas married Sarah Margaret Anderson, born Belfast 22.6.1862. 
Thomas and Sarah had 3 children born at Peak Hill. 1900 Evelyn   1902 Eileen M. 1904 Dorothy M
1916 the family settled on the Western Highway, Pendle Hill,  then a narrow unsealed road.
Thomas was a tailor who worked from home with the assistance of their eldest daughter, Evelyn.
Their daughter Sarah was a nurse and governess before she married.
1930 and 1936 electoral roles.  Thomas Lusk, Western Road, Pendle Hill, tailor
Sarah Margaret died 9.8.1939, age 78 and was buried St Bartholomew’s Cemetery, Prospect, N.S.W.

Thomas died 20.11.1947 age 80, at Pendle Hill and was buried at St Bartholomew’s Cemetery, Prospect, N.S.W.

William was born 1828 in County Cavan, Ireland.   He was the son of George and Anne McCullough.
William arrived in NSW 30.5.1848 on the Honduras, which left Belfast 23.1.1848.  He came with his half sister Sarah Ann Smith. William was age 20 and Sarah 12 . William’s sister Jane McCulloughwas working as a domestic servant at Ryedale, Ryde, the property of Major Edward Darvall (ex 9th cavalry).
1855 William McCullough married Agnes Neasmith at Ryde.
Children   1856 Sarah Jane, died 11. 9. 1858 (scarlet fever)    1858 John.  1860 Sarah  1862 William died 8 9 1935 age 72 sect 2 plot 16
1864 Margaret. 1867 Mary married John Sperring  1869 Agnes 1872 Elizabeth  1874 Janet 1878 Ellen
1856 North Riding, County Cumberland, William McCullough, freehold, Richmond Rd, Blacktown.
William and Agnes lived at Ryedale until 1859, two children were born there. 
They moved to Curraweela near Taralga, a further 8 children were born there
After 1878 they moved to Prospect where they lived until they died.  1901 census Mr McCullough of Prospect  
1903 electoral role  William labourer of Prospect. Agnes domestic duties of Prospect.
William died 22.9.1910 at age 83 and was buried in St Bartholomew’s Cemetery, Prospect, N.S.W.

St Bartholomew’s Church record has the name as James McClashey headstone
James was born in Monaghan, Ireland.   James died 21.8.1868 at age 22 – ‘labourer’ of Sydney.   James had been in the colony since about 1863 
Is this James’s family?
1862 shipping record for the Northumberland 
Alexander McCracken 49farmer of Castle Blaney Co Monaghan paid £5
Jane McCracken 42 housekeeper of Castle Blaney Co Monaghan paid £3
Alexander 18 labourer of Castle Blaney Co Monaghan paid £5
Jerimiah 15 servant of Castle Blaney Co Monaghan paid £3
William 13 servant of Castle Blaney Co Monaghan paid £5
Robert 11 of Castle Blaney Co Monaghan paid £3
Theresa 8 of Castle Blaney Co Monaghan Paid £2
Annie 3 of Castle Blaney Co Monaghan paid £2

McKEE Nathaniel and Jane
Nathanial was the son of William and Grace McKee
1851 census Renfrewshire
Nathanial McKee 28 born County Down, Ireland
Jane 31 born County Down, Ireland   Margaret 6
Grace Clark 60
24. 2. 1855 shipping record as assisted passengers on the Anna
Nathanial 32 farm labourer Annaclone Co Down son of William and Grace, a sister and mother at Bathurst (Jane McFarden and Grace Clark) paid £6 A I Act
Jane 34 of Donaghadee, Down, daughter of Andrew (a weaver) and Margaret Adams 
Jane Park 17 domestic servant, daughter of Joseph and Jane Park, Joseph deceased mother on board
Margaret McKee 9   James McKee 2
1902 Nathaniel McKee of Edgeware Road, Prospect was added to the electoral role for Sherbrooke electoral   1903 Electoral role, pensioner of Edgeware Rd., Prospect.
Jane McKee died 15. 10. 1902, age 84.
The plaque for Jane is on the Goodsell grave in section 1
Jane was born Co Down, Ireland, at age 16 Jane married James Parks in Ireland, and at age 23 Jane married Nathanial McKee in Co Down, Ireland  
Nathanial died 28.10.1916 and was buried 30.10.1916 at 95; he died at Glenorchy Newland St., Waverly, formerly of Prospect
1 Cumberland Argus 28 6 1902  2 Death certificate  3 SMH 30 10 1916

MITCHELL Thomas William
Thomas William Mitchell of Prospect died 7 9 1895. age 33.
Information on death certificate: Thomas William Mitchell.  Labourer. Age 33 
Son of Allen Richard Mitchell (storeman) and Jane Dawson    Brother in law to William Pond, Prospect  Born County Galway, Ireland  In NSW 16 years. Married at Campbelltown, NSW to Isabella Goodsell, about 1884 Children Jane 11, Lucy Rose 10, Mary Alice 9, George Allen 7, John Thomas 5, William Mitchell 3, Elizabeth 1
NSW BDM married 1883 at Campbelltown,

SANDERS Mary nee Morrissey
1 September, 1868 Mary Morrissey married Daniel Sanders at St John’s, Parramatta.  
The witnesses were William Sanders and Mary Priest Sanders
Marriage Certificate states:
Mary Morrissey was the daughter of William Morrissey and Honora Ryan
Born Ireland  Spinster of Eastern Creek
Mary died at Abbotsbury on 7 June, 1870 at age 28 (puerperal fever).
Mary had been in the colony for 7 years when she died, she was 26 when she married.
She had one son John, born 1869, there was a John Saunders baptised at St Bartholomew’s 11 July, 1869. Mary’s headstone is elaborately carved and is lying on the grave of John Jones.
The correct place of burial in St Bartholomew’s cemetery is not known.

Elizabeth died 1.5.1868 at age 70- ‘of Prospect husband a farmer’ her father was Thomas McHollon (a carpenter). Elizabeth was born in Donegal, Ireland and had been in the colony for 31 years. Elizabeth married in 1838 to William Sennear..



CAIN Maria Jane
SMH. 10 Sep 1880
Courtesy of Noelene Harris
CAIN Isidore
SMH 14 Nov 1887
CAIN Patrick
The Catholic Press. 29 Jan 1903 
Windsor & Richmond Gazette 24 Jan 1903

CREMEN Timothy James Captain
Courtesy of Noelene Harris
Daily Telegraph 22 May 1902

Courtesy of Kevin Banister
Timothy James CREMEN was born c1841 County Cork, Ireland. His parents were Timothy and Mary Anne CREMIN (nee BROWN) both born County Cork. Timothy James had 3 brothers and 1 sister all born County Cork. T.J's father c1790- 13/3/1874 died in Sydney as did his mother Mary Anne. Mary Anne c1805- 7/9/1880 is also buried in Rookwood. T.J's siblings all died in Sydney. Info gleaned from various family tree sites. 

Courtesy of Kevin Banister
Domnick GILHULY born Moher, County Roscommon. In 1857 he was appointed to the Sydney City Surveyors Department as a "Watchman" being paid 9 shillings and 4 pence 'per diem' (per day). That would have been excellent money for the day. A 'watchman' in today's terminology means a 'security officer'. He possibly watched over and patrolled Council property. With regards to his pay in those days, Scrooge paid Cratchit more than the going rate in mid-19th century London. “A lot more,” he says. “Bob Cratchit was paid, according to 'A Christmas Carol,' 15 shillings a week. The average clerk in an accounting house was paid 11 shillings, 6 pence a week. Just thought I'd throw that in for a 'wage' comparison. Information gleaned from various 'Google' sources.
Sat 18 Mar 1882 Courtesy Noelene Harris

Roman Catholic section
Courtesy of Rose Lee, great granddaughter
Sec M1. 3LOT6. Grave 4
HISTON  Maurice 
(buried with sons Francis and Maurice)
Born 20th May, 1848 Limerick, Ireland
Died 16th May 1917, Newtown, Sydney, NSW, aged 68 years, though headstone says 72
Maurice Histon immigrated to Australia from Limerick, Ireland sometime before 1864. A search on passenger lists around this time and earlier came up empty. 
Articles in Trove, in 1864, found Maurice as a depositor for two males living in Limerick and donating money to the church and the Irish Relief Fund.
On the 20th January 1875, Maurice became insolvent as the licensed victualler for the Albion Hotel, Haymarket, along with future wife Catherine Hudson (who was the lodging house keeper).
A move to Armidale, NSW for Maurice and Catherine ensued with Maurice gaining employment as a telegraph line repairer for the Armidale General Post Office from 10.3.1875 - 1.7.1896 (21 years). 
Maurice and Catherine married 8.9.1877, Waverly, Sydney.
Eight children were born in Armidale from 1875 to 1889. 
Several articles in Trove show Maurice had a passion for his church, horses and dogs. One of his horses won a coursing match (speed, stamina and skill of horse and rider). 
He was treasurer of the local Jockey Club, a judge at the Armidale Races, a committee member for the I.O.O.F. and M.C. at a local soiree dansante (ball).
After Catherine's death in 1896, Maurice and seven of his offspring moved to Newtown Sydney. 
Their son Francis drowned in 1899 at 12-years while trying to save his younger brother.

HYNES Michael Rochford
Courtesy of Joan Clarke
BDM 14406 / 1899 Hynes Michael R Father Edmund Mother Bridget Sydney.
BDM 2393 / 1864 Hynes Michael Mother Bridget Newtown.

Church of England section
Courtesy of Rose Lee, great great granddaughter
This headstone is of William (2.8.1842 - 21.4.1881) and his mother Catherine Murphy (my g g grandmother), born in Ireland c.1823, died 23.3.1886 Redfern, Sydney (aged 63). The headstone (erected by Williams half sister and Catherine's daughter) gives their surnames as Judd. William took Judd as his surname from his stepfather, Robert Judd. Robert and Catherine never married. Her death certificate, inquest, deceased search and other documents all cite her name as Murphy.
Further information from Rose Lee..
Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood, Sydney. Zone B. Section F. Grave 912
Murphy, Catherine (maiden name unknown). Has Judd on headstone. Judd was the name of her defacto 
Catherine's death certificate and inquest give Murphy as her surname 
born c.1823  in Ireland, died 23.3.1886, Hugo St. Redfern, Sydney. From serous apoplexy (oozing of serum from brain). Inquest held. Aged about 63
Sometime prior to 1842, Catherine immigrated to Australia from Ireland (death and inquest state she was born in Ireland). No records of immigration have been found so far, as it is not known what Catherine's true surname was.
Catherine's first child, William (who shares the same grave as Catherine), born 22.3.1842 and baptised in Wollongong, NSW. His baptism record shows his parents as Richard Murphy and Catherine Hayes. (William later takes the surname Judd, from his stepfather, Robert Judd. On William's death certificate, Robert Judd is named as his father).
I have no idea what happened to Richard Murphy as the next we hear of Catherine is her marriage to John Murphy on 23.11.1844 at Broulee, NSW. Kyle is the surname Catherine used on the marriage certificate. If Catherine was a convict, this could be a reason for the different surnames as many convicts changed their names to avoid the stigma.
Catherine's second child, Anne, born 14.10.1845 (living at Broulee) and baptised in the Parish of Wollongong. Catherine's maiden name is stated as Kyle. The same minister, J Rigney, married Catherine and baptised both her children.
It seems Catherine and John's marriage was short lived as the next child Catherine bore was John, born 4.8.1846 in Glebe, Sydney with Robert Judd listed as the father. It seems John was conceived shortly after Anne was born.  I thought it odd that if this was Robert's child, why was he named John? There are many John Murphy's who died around this time. As Catherine and Robert Judd did not marry, perhaps Catherine and John Murphy separated? Catherine used the surname of Murphy for the rest of her life.
Three more children were born to Catherine and Robert; Robert Jnr in 1848, Thomas 1850 and Eliza Jane 1852. Thomas died of measles when he was seven-years-old. Eliza Jane died at 26.
Catherine's end came swiftly. According to her inquest and newspaper reports, Catherine was visiting a friend, Mrs Ann Maloney and left several times for the purpose of procuring drink. On returning, Catherine laid down on a sofa and went to sleep. When Catherine's daughter, Anne, went to move her, she found her mother had died. The post mortem found that death was due to serous apoplexy. The jury returned a verdict in keeping with the medical testimony.
Catherine was known for her drinking...."she was periodically given to habits of intemperance" stated by her son-in-law, William Quantock at Catherine's inquest with Mrs Ann Maloney stating that Catherine..."was the worse for liquor". At the time of Catherine's death, she was not living with Robert and was renting a room in Abercrombie St. Redfern, Sydney. 

Roman Catholic section
My 2x great aunt, Mary Mail (nee Hudson) born 1839 Kilkenny, Ireland - 26.10.1885, aged 46. Immigrated with parents and siblings 1855. Mary was one colourful character!!!

Catholic section

Courtesy of Barbara Platfoot, Noelene Harris, Kevin Banister
FOLEY Stephen
SMH.....originally buried in Petersham Cemetery, NSW
SMH 21 Jun 1883 
The Evening News 14 Jul 1883

McSHANE Catherine
SMH 10 Nov 1884
SMH Death 10 Nov 1884
SMH 31 Jan 1901

SMH  Wed 28 Apr 1915 
Courtesy of Noelene Harris  
NEVILLE Michael Thomas



TOBIN Andrew
The Advocate, Melbourne  9 Jul 1904.jpg


Courtesy of Kevin Banister

Following on from a post by Joan Clarke regarding Tallarook Cemetery, Victoria. 

Ann HICKEY died 9/5/1902 aged 70. Native of County Armagh.

Michael HICKEY (husband of Ann) died 10/2/1908 aged 83. Native of County Limerick. 

Michael was a farmer and had 1 son and 2 daughters. He had large land holdings and was a reasonably wealthy man when he died.

Ann may have also been known as Catherine 

Source: The North Eastern Ensign (Benalla,  Vic. 1872 - 1938) Friday 21 February 1908 AN OLD COLONIST'S END. Mr  Michael Hickey, J.P., one of the first, settlers at Tallarook, some  miles beyond Seymour on the North-eastern line, died last week at the  age of 83 years. Deceased (a native of Limerick, Ireland) landed in  Botany Bay, Sydney, in 1840, and assisted to bring for Jamieson Bros,  one of the earliest squatting firms in New South Wales, the first mob of  cattle and horses to the place then known as " Tallarook cattle  station.'' Deceased was a brother of the late Patk. Hickey, bootmaker,  of Kilmore - a man whose name will be remembered by many of the old  inhabitants of Benalla district. With his bereaved widow Catherine, son  and two daughters.

Carr Villa, Launceston

PETER LETTE, aka Peter Lemonde Lette, was born 29 October 1776 in Wexford, Ireland. He died 3 April 1833 at this property, Curramore, White Hills and was buried in the Church of England Cemetery, Cypress Street, Launceston. This cemetery is now closed and is a sports ground.  The headstone is now located at Carr Villa Cemetery in Section D6. This is an empty grave, the remains are still under the sports field in Cypress Street. None of those listed on headstone are recorded in Carr Villa records.
Inscription reads......
The Remains of PETER LETTE, mariner are here deposited
Born in Curramore House, Barony of Shelburn, County of Wexford, Ireland
in October 1776 Died here April 3, 1833  Rather than submit to the iron hand of Despotism, he became a self exile and has tho at a great sacrifice, Lived and Died Free.  Sons, follow the example of your FATHER, be prudent but never crouch to the fell tyrant nor suffer insult with impunity.  Also of Elizabeth, wife of Henry Stevenson and relict of the above Peter Lette, who died at Curramore, 12 May 1864, aged 72 years  Also Henry Elms Lette, born at Curramore August 16 1829, Died at Curramore, August 15 1892, Son of the above.

Death Notice, The Independent, 6 April 1833

DIED.:—At 6 o'clock on Wednesday evening,
at his residence, Curramore, Peter
Lette, esq. aged 57.
Obituary, Launceston Advertiser 11 April 1833
DIED, on Monday, 3d instant, at his residence,
Curramore, PETER LETTE, Esq., aged 50.
The funeral of this much esteemed colonist took place on Monday last, and was numerously and most respectably attended. There seems to have been but one feeling through out the District of Launceston and its vicinity;  a feeling of profound regret for the loss to honorable society of a man, who, in all the social, domestic and citizen-like relations, was an uniform model to all who knew him. 
Elizabeth Peck was born 20 July 1793 at Norfolk Island and married Peter Lette in 1811 in Sydney New South Wales. After his death in 1833, she married Henry Stevenson in 1838.
They had 10 children; 
1. Mary Ann Lette, born c1811 in India and died in Launceston Tasmania 1881
2. William Doren Lette, born 1814 in India and died 1859 at Curramore, White Hills, Tas
3. Heloisa Frances Doran Lette, born 1817 at sea and died 1895 in Launceston Tas
4. Rollo Lette, born and died 1818 in Launceston Tas
5. Peter Lomonde Lette, born 1819 in Launceston Tas and died 1887 in New Zealand
6. Roland Lette, born 1821 in Launceston Tas and died 1882 London, England
7. Caesar Colclough Lette, born 1823 at Curramore, White Hills and died 1858 at Curramore
8. George Chambers Lette, born 1823 at Curramore, death details not known
9. John Maximus Lette, born 1827 at Curramore and died 1915 at Adaminaby, NSW
10. Henry Elms Lette, born 1829 at Curramore and died 1892 in Launceston, Tas.

Henry Elms Letter
Obituary, Daily Telegraph 16 August 1892
Another break In the long line of old politicians and citizens of Launceston occured a few moments before midnight last evening, when Henry Elms Lette, senior member of the House of Assembly, passed
away "to that unknown and silent shore." He died peacefully at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr R. F. Irvine, Patterson-street, and had he lived but fifteen minutes longer he would have attained his
63rd birthday. The late Mr Lette was born at Currahmore, White Hills, and was the son of the late Peter Lette, a Calcutta Indigo Planter, who came to the colony as far back as 1817. Out of a large family
which the late Peter Lette reared in Tasmania only two now remain, namely, Mrs Dutton, a resident of Launceston, and Mr John Lette, a station-holder in New South Wales. The deceased gentleman, when he became of mature years, first engaged in pastoral pursuits at Currahmore but he found that tilling of the soil was not the lucrative calling he anticipated, and he did not follow it up. Being possessed, however, of some means, he devoted his attention to the politics of the country, and as far back as 1862 he was chosen one of three members to represent Launceston in the House of Assembly, his co workers
being Mr B. Byron Miller and the late Mr Darcy W. L. Murray. The late Mr Lette, who was one of the most earnest and faithful representatives that ever sat in the House of Assembly, occupied his seat uninter-
ruptedly for the past 30 years. He was elected, November 3, 1862; re-elected, October 8, 1866 ;     September 1, 1871 ; August 8, 1872 ; May 80, 1877 ; May 20, 1882 ; July 26, 1886 ; and May 22, 1891. In 1877 he was elected chairman of committees a position which he filled with exceeding credit to
himself and the greatest of satisfaction to the House. Contemporaneous with Thomas George Gregson, J. D. Balfe, T. D. Chapman, Charles Meredith, Mr(afterwards Sir) Robert Officer, Isaac Sherwin, William Dodery, and his old comrade, the Hon. Adye Douglas, all old political veterans, nearly all of
whom have long since crossed the Rubicon, he was a personal witness to the many strange vicissitudes through which the young colony passed, but he was true to his colors, and more than once the citizens
have banqueted him in honor of the stand he made, and his conscientious action in dealing with all matters which tended to help the colony along and bring her in closer communion with the outer world. The late Mr Lette married Miss Harrison, an English lady, and he leaves behind him a widow, two
sons, one of whom (Mr Ernest Lette) occupies a responsible position in the Customs department, and four daughters, viz, Mrs R.F. Irvine, Mrs Harrison, Mrs Fisher, and Miss Isabella Lette. A few months ago the deceased, who was suffering from dilatation of the heart, was compelled to seek medical advice,
but the disease had marked him as an early victim, and when Parliament met a few
weeks ago he was quite incapable of attending to his official duties. Dr. Pardey was most constant in his attendance ; but the best human skill was of no avail, and at the hour above mentioned be closed his eyes for ever.
It will be noticed by the advertisement that the funeral will take place at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning,

Obituary, Launceston Examiner, 16 August 1892
MR HENRY ELMS LETTE, M.H.A.  (this article can be found in TROVE)
Elizabeth Stevenson, formerly Lette, nee Peck
Death Notice, Cornwall Chronicle, 14 May 1864
On the 12th inst., aged 72 years, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Henry Stevenson, Esq.. of Curratuore, and relict of the late Peter Lette, Esq. The funeral will leave her late residence on Saturday, (this
day), May 14th, at noon, and will be at the Episcopal burial ground, at 3 o'clock, friends are respectfully invited to attend.  John Richards, Undertaker, Cameron-street.
Click to enlarge

Peter Lette


Brisbane, QLD

CHANCE Margaret Ellen Bambury
Born 1867,  County Galway Ireland.
Died Dunwich, Redland City, 2 Feb 1940 aged 72-73..
Buried at Toowong, see BRISBANE Q page
Courtesy of Kym Hyson
"sad story, husband was a farmer, she had been in Goodna and Diamantina Hospital for some time.  They had no money and no property.  She was senile."

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Thanks to Heather Brownett for the following
Andrew Fullerton 
eldest son of Andrew Fullerton & Mary Rogers
Married Ann Walker on 5 May 1855 • CAPPAGH, TYRONE, IRELAND
Andrew & Ann had 8 children all born in Queensland
25 June 1855 • Departed PLYMOUTH, ENGLAND • Onboard the "Conrad"
Owned a property in 1855 • LITTLE POCKET, IPSWICH, QUEENSLAND
Died 11 April 1899 of Pneumonia & Heart Failure
Buried April 1899 • Toowong Cemetery TOOWONG, QUEENSLAND •  Apr 121899 - Portion 2A Sect 11 Grave # 19
Occupation • Engineer
Ann Fullerton nee Walker
Unknown siblings
Married Andrew Fullerton on 5 May 1855 • CAPPAGH, TYRONE, IRELAND
Andrew & Ann had 8 children all born in Queensland
25 June 1855 • Departed PLYMOUTH, ENGLAND • Onboard the "Conrad"
Owned a property in 1855 • LITTLE POCKET, IPSWICH, QUEENSLAND
Died 19 January 1919 of Senility & Heart Failure 
Buried January 1919 • Toowong Cemetery TOOWONG, QUEENSLAND •  Apr 121899 - Portion 2A Sect 11 Grave # 19
The Brisbane Courier, Monday 10 December 1883.
An accident of a most painful nature occurred at the Brisbane railway station on Saturday morning about half past 7 o clock The facts are these:-
Andrew Fullerton, a man about fifty years of age, who is engaged as a labourer in the engine shed at the Brisbane station, was crossing the line near the turn- table at the steam shed, on his way to work in the morning about the time mentioned, when he was overtaken by the 7.28 am train from Sandgate, which, it appears he did not hear approaching on account of the very great noise caused by the "blowing off" of an engine on the turn table, within a yard or so of where he was crossing the line. One buffer of the engine of the Sandgate train struck him on the back and knocked him on to the cow-catcher, from which he was afterwards thrown alongside the rails. On being, picked up the unfortunate man was suffering acutely from several wounds on the head, while one of the toes of his left foot was nearly cut off, he also appeared to be badly hurt about the legs. It is stated that Fullerton received serious internal injuries about the breast, and that several of his ribs were broken. This sufferer was at once conveyed to the hospital where he was promptly attended to by Dr Jackson. Fullerton is a married man with a large family, and has been employed by the Railway Department for about eight years, where he earned the reputation of being a steady, sober industrious man. Great regret is felt for him by his fellow workmen. On inquiry at a late hour last night we learn that the patient was progressing favourably, but as he had received serious internal injuries, Dr Jackson could not then express any definite opinion as to his recovery.

GARLAND David John (1864-1939)
There are numerous articles re Canon David Garland, this is just a small selection. He worked in Western Australia and Queensland.
Australian Dictionary of Biography
Canon Garland Memorial
Canon Garland’s Memorial Digital Story


 Clunes Cemetery
With thanks to Wendy Bloomfield

Elizabeth GAFFNEY
When Elizabeth MARK was born in 1845 in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, her father, Edward, was 25, and her mother, Ann, was 25. She married Timothy GAFFNEY in 1874 in Victoria. They had nine children in 13 years. She died on 4 July 1921 in Clunes, Victoria, at the age of 76.
Timothy GAFFNEY 
Timothy Gaffney was born in 1834 in Co Cavan Ireland. He married Elizabeth Mark in 1874 in Victoria. They had six children during their marriage. He died on 11 November 1896 in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, at the age of 62. He is buried in the Kalgoorlie Cemetery. He is registered as ‘William’ Gaffney in the cemetery records.
Kalgoorlie Miner Thursday 12 November 1896, page 2
Elizabeth GAFFNEY
When Elizabeth MARK was born in 1845 in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, her father, Edward, was 25, and her mother, Ann, was 25. She married Timothy GAFFNEY in 1874 in Victoria. They had nine children in 13 years. She died on 4 July 1921 in Clunes, Victoria, at the age of 76.
Timothy GAFFNEY 
Timothy Gaffney was born in 1834 in Co Cavan Ireland. He married Elizabeth Mark in 1874 in Victoria. They had six children during their marriage. He died on 11 November 1896 in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, at the age of 62. He is buried in the Kalgoorlie Cemetery. He is registered as ‘William’ Gaffney in the cemetery records.

Kalgoorlie Miner Thursday 12 November 1896, page 2
Kalgoorlie Miner Wednesday 29 July 1942, page 2
Many thanks to Eric Chamberlain and John Pritchard for their help with this research.



Courtesy of Noelene Harris
Freeman's Journal 6 Oct 1921

DUFFY Isaac "Tom"
DUFFY Walter James
Courtesy of Noelene Harris
SMH 24 Mar 1931

DUFFY Mrs. Walter J.
Courtesy of Noelene Harris & Timothy Ciscel
SMH 4 Oct 1907
See also KEVIN Edward below

Courtesy of Timothy Ciscel
FOGARTY Patrick John
SMH 19 Sep 1922

KEVIN Edward
Courtesy of Noelene Harris & Timothy Ciscel
Freeman's Journal 20 Jul 1911

Courtesy of Noelene Harris
Catholic Press Sydney 9 Feb 1909 
Daily Telegraph 14 Dec 1917

MacDONNELL James Joseph Sergeant Second Class
Courtesy of Kevin Banister
Sergeant Second Class James Joseph MacDonnell.
Died, killed on duty 26/12/1911.
Buried Waverley cemetery, Bronte, NSW.
4/3/1854. James was born in Louisburgh, County Mayo, Ireland.
1877/78. Arrived in Sydney and joined the NSW Police Mounted section.
1878. Transferred to Bathurst and was promoted.
1883. Transferred to Mudgee and was promoted to Senior Constable.
1884. Transferred to Orange.
1887. Transferred to Bathurst where he married.
1893. Promoted to Sergeant.
1898. Transferred to Dubbo.
1908 Transferred to Warren District as the Officer in Charge.
26/12/1911. At approx. 7.30pm Sgt MacDonnell was attempting to arrest a “man of colour” John Neal, for “riotous behaviour” outside Schubert’s refreshment shop in the main street of Warren. Neal produced a revolver and shot Sgt MacDonnell through the heart killing him almost instantly. A shop keep and other citizen’s grabbed Neal and threw the revolver away. Constable Mitchell arrived a short time later and arrested Neal.
Neal, approx. 60 years old, had been camping outside town for about 3 months and had purchased the gun from State Stores along with 25 rounds of ammunition.
The Coroner found Neal guilty of murder and committed him for trial at Dubbo Court on 11/4/1912.
28/12/1911. Remains conveyed to Sydney and buried in the Catholic section 18 of Waverley cemetery. He left a wife and 2 sons.

McCAULIFFE Cornelius
Courtesy of Noelene Harris
Daily Telegraph 4 Jul 1919
SMH   30 Oct 1920 

NEWMAN Richard
Courtesy of Kevin Banister
Richard NEWMAN born c1841, Kildalky, Co.Meath. Arrived in Sydney in 1864 as an 'assisted passenger' aboard the "Ida". Mary Elizabeth NEWMAN (nee MAKISON, MACKISON), born c1838 West Meath, Ireland. Arrived in Sydney in 1861 as an 'assisted passenger' aboard the "Hotspur" They were married in Redfern in 1869 and had 4 daughters. Sister of Richard NEWMAN - Ellen STANLEY (nee NEWMAN) was born c1848 Kildalky, Ireland. Arrived in Sydney 1876. Died 1930 and buried at Waverley. Her husband William STANLEY was born c1842 Meath, Ireland. Died 2/12/1925 and is buried at Waverley.

O'HARA Lawrence Joseph
Courtesy of Noelene Harris
Sydney Morning Herald 17 Jun1916

Born in New Zealand of Irish parents, at Taradale  to
labourer John O'Hara and Annie Dolan, both Irish-born. The family moved to Sydney when Lawrence was seven, and he was educated at Marist Brothers' College in Paddington. He worked as a clerk with the Immigration and Tourist Bureau from 1908 to 1916 and for the District Courts from 1916 to 1919. He was also a member of the Clerks' Union, the Australian Labor Party (serving on the central executive from 1917 to 1919) and a Paddington alderman (1917–19). In 1919 he was elected to the New South Wales Legislative Assembly in a by-election for the seat of Paddington, but he died twenty-two days later as a result of the influenza pandemic.

O'NEIL Patrick
Courtesy of Noelene Harris & Timothy Ciscel
The Evening News Sydney. 20 Oct 1896

ROGERS George Picott Dr. 
Courtesy of Elaine Rogers and Noelene Harris 
George was a medical practitioner. The letters on the left hand side L.R.C.S.I. LRCSI Abbrev. for Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland. Licentiate-one holding a license from an authorized agency giving the right to practice a particular profession. Letters on the right, L.R.C.P.E. Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh . He was a Dr from Enmore Rd, Enmore, NSW. 
The Truth Sydney 26 Feb 1922  

NSW Regional
O'SHEA Thomas
courtesy of Noelene Harris
The Wellington Times Apr 15 1915


St. Matthew's, C of E

Courtesy of Brett Andrew Woods
My Dad’s GGGGandfather George McGuinness. St Mathews Anglican Church Windsor. George was convicted and sentenced to 7 years transportation in the summer of 1796, at  Trim, County Meath. 
He sailed from Cork Ireland on the 10th December 1796 aboard the Brittania 2 and arrived in Port Jackson on 27th May 1797. The master of the Brittania was Thomas Dennott and was a callous and brutal master and Augustus Jacob Beyer was a weak and incompetent Surgeon, and between them made this one of the worst trips in the history of transportation. Of the 188 convicts aboard, 10 male and 1 female convict died as a result of the brutal treatment received, the survivors landed in a
wretched and emancipated state. The master was a sadist and kept the prisoners in irons having them flogged unmercifully. Even the women received three or four dozen cuts for trivial offences. The prisoners were only allowed up on deck in batches of no more than 30 at a time for a maximum of
2 hours being chained to the ships side.
The master was later charged with the deaths of the 6 convicts and for conduct not being conducive to the carrying out of the Governments intentions. Improvements were ordered but in all probability were not carried out. The surgeon was found an accessory to the master’s inhumanity,
however neither were punished. 
In 1800 George was a convict servant to Adjutant McKellar at the Hawkesbury and in the 1806 Muster he had a ticket of leave and was renting 21 acres of land at Wilberforce from Paul Bushell, which he later purchased. He had 19 acres sown in wheat, 2 in maize, he had 10 hogs and 7 sows.
It was probably here that he got to know Anne Cusley. George and Anne Cusley were married on the 11th July 1807 and had 8 daughters. Ann died 11 Oct 1822 five days after the eighth daughter was born.George received his ticket of leave five months after the birth of his second daughter 8th August 1810, and his conditional pardon on the 23rd April 1811 from Governor Macquarie.
Bigge's report in 1820 said that George had a conditional pardon, and he received 100 acres as a grant. He had purchased 40 acres and at the same time he held 40 acres.
He was buried at St Matthew's church, Windsor next to his first wife Ann and her mother Phoebe,

Courtesy of Kevin Banister
GRACE  Edmond   Constable
1831 born Tullcome, County Kilkenny, Ireland.
C1848. He joined the 12th Regiment of Foot (East Suffolk) of the British Army.
1854. Arrived in Australia with his Regiment. Shortly after he was sent to Ballarat, Victoria then to Hobart with his regiment.
1859. Married Mary Ann KIRWIN (KIRWAN) in Hobart. He and his wife returned to Sydney
1860. He joined the NSW Foot Police in Sydney, his number being 209 and was stationed at Parramatta.
1863. Moved to the single unit watch house at Rouse Hill.
1867. Was involved in the large floods along the Hawkesbury River.
1888. Stationed at the single unit station at Riverstone.
1891. He resigned from the Police Force serving for 31 years and was living at Riverstone with his wife.
2/6/1896. Died Riverstone, aged 65.
1834 born Elphin, County Roscommon, Ireland.
1917. Died Orange, NSW
Edmond and Mary had 9 children.
Both Edmond and Mary are buried at St.Mathews Catholic Cemetery, Windsor along with an infant daughter Agnes died 1869 aged 1 year.



Courtesy of Wayne Hill
Daily Advertiser Wagga Wagga  20 Apr 1949


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